Asiastar CNC Machining Parts

High Quality Metal Parts Machining Service

Asianstar provides worldwide clients with multiple services, such as: Prototyping, High Precision Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, CNC Turning, CNC Grinding, CNC Drilling, Tooling, and Finishing, and other Customized service…

After CNC machining, we also handle finishing for each customized requirements, such as Surface Polishing, Anodizing, Oxidation, Coating, Laser Printing…

Asianstar Precision CNC machining is driven by Computer Numberical Controlling System, with highly automatic Lathes and Machines, using multiple axis routering on metal materials, the resulting work-pieces are stably and repeatably in high accuracy, and various of shapes and sizes according to clients’ drawings.

We work with a wide range of metal materials to make parts for various industries, the materials we are working on but not limited are as: Aluminum, Alloys, Brass, Titanium, Stainless Steel…

For better service, we flexibly work for different projects, allocate our Professional Analysis, Rapid Prototyping and Huge Capabilities for clients’ custom workpieces


According to clients’ requirements on materials and drawing, we apply different kinds of machinery to carry out the drawing into real workpiece with rapid speed and high accuracy.

Our prototyping service is offered to support clients during their designing, we can analysis the drawing and carry out, make sure the clients’ project is correct and workable without any risk. Our Advantage of prototyping service is Professional Analysis and Rapid carryingout.


CNC Milling, this process uses a flexible cutlery tool in a spindled axis to produce a designed shape. The cutlery tool is driven by a CNC Program, which automatically producing repeatable mass quantity, while avoiding human handing error.

CNC milling mainly includes plane milling and contour milling. For its functional versatility, CNC milling produces various items, including: Prototypes, Ball joints, Brackets, Rollers, Spindles, Valve bodies, And so on…


CNC Lathe is a CNC Machinery that fix the materials onto working axis/center and running under program with required speed and position, while the cutlery tool is firmly set at the correct position and working on running materials.

CNC Lathe Machine normally works slowly on materials under stable speed, which results the workpieces are beautiful and high accuracy. For its multiple functions, CNC Lathe produces various items, including: Baseball Bats, Bowls, Camshafts, Crankshafts, Gun Barrels, Musical Instruments, Medical Instruments And so on…


CNC Turning, is a high precision skilled process, strictly applying turning cutlery tool work from outer materials rotationally and stably, cutting out into ring shape or round shape, removing the discarded surface materials.

CNC Turning produces rotational, symmetric, and ring shape parts that with many details, such as holes, grooves, threads, tapers, multiple diameter steps. CNC turning produces various items, including: Prototypes, Spacers, Fittings, Shafts, Bushings, And so on…


CNC Grinding is a automation process on materials surface, normally using grinding wheel or sometimes cutlery tool. The feature of grinding process is working precisely on each surface details, with superb ability to grind on high hardness materials.

Grinding machining is available for various shapes of metal parts, with different process such as cutting, polishing, routering or other processes to produce various items, including: Shafts, Rollers, Mandrels, Cores, Cylinders, Contour Grinding, Taper Grinds, And so on…


CNC Drilling is a process using cutlery tool to drill into materials according to program requirements. It is one of the multiple functions during machining, resulting various of structures such as holes, grooves, shapes for many different components.

CNC Drilling, together with other functions, produces various items, including: Hubs, Shafts, Gear blanks, Aluminum Profiles, And so on…


For One-Stop Service, we offer surface finishing processing according to clients’ requirements. Normally we can offer finishing services such as Polishing, Anodizing, Oxidation, Coating, Laser Printing…

One-Stop service including finishing process brings clients convenience, reducing clients’ costs and reducing risks of production. Clients can get perfect workpieces from our complete services.

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